ESP Consulting is a specialist energy consultancy established in 2008. We provide consultancy services to energy companies, utilities, governments and regulators in the UK and Europe. Combining deep energy industry experience and insight with excellent analytical capabilities, we provide clients with deliverables that add genuine and practical value to their business.

  • Services

    Energy Trading & Risk Management

    Our team’s ETRM experience spans over 40 European clients ranging from vertically integrated utilities to merchant generators and brokers and covers the major energy commodities, fuels and Carbon.

    Wholesale Market Policy & Reform

    We are advisors to both Ofgem and the Department of Energy & Climate Change and our staff have played key roles in major industry restructuring and wholesale market liberalisation programmes around the world.

    Networks Regulation

    We are advisors to regulated network companies and regulators on developing and implementing network regulation, as well as on performing under a price control

    Wind & Other Renewables

    We have significant experience in renewable generation. This covers both the development of policy to encourage and accommodate renewables, as well as the development and commercial exploitation of specific renewable projects.

    Market Strategy & Operating Model

    We have a track-record in supporting clients in the delivery of large business improvement initiatives spanning the wider commercial organisation extending to business process design, ETRM-related IT and programme management.