ESP Consulting provided services to a European energy utility.

Further information on the project is available below.

New Energy and Digital Business Proposition

ESP Consulting was engaged to support this European utility in developing a new business proposition targeting the emerging decentralised and digitalised downstream energy segments. While customer focussed, this work speaks to our understanding of the profound disruption that these trends and the move towards decarbonisation are likely to bring. This is a transformation which goes far beyond downstream segments and in time will pose serious challenges to the functioning of the wholesale market as well as the traditional utility and supplier business models.

Working as an integrated part of the client team, we supported all aspects of the project including:

  • Design of the external customer value proposition for the new connected and integrated customer covering bundled energy, e-mobility, home and “life” offerings;
  • Development of the internal revenue model for management of profitability over the life-cycle of the customer engagement including harnessing the value of data and potential partners;
  • Market entry and growth strategy including initial offerings, target markets/segments and technology partners as well as financial projections;
  • Definition of business model and governance for the new entity; and
  • Implementation planning and development of blueprint for executive approval.
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