The National Power Academy of Saudi Arabia was established in 2015 to create a world class, industry-led academy to serve the Kingdom’s power sector.

ESP Consulting has worked with the National Power Academy in developing and delivering training on electricity markets and trading.

Further information on this project is available below.

Training on Electricity Markets and Bilateral Trading Agreements

ESP Consulting wrote the syllabus, developed material and delivered the first two sessions of a new comprehensive electricity markets 5-day training course. We delivered this at the National Power Academy in Dammam to experienced power sector professionals from engineering and finance disciplines. We provided this course in conjunction with our partners Eversheds-Sutherland. The course focused on:

  • The fundamentals of liberalised electricity markets;
  • Price formation in electricity markets, including price drivers and merit orders;
  • Principles of market design and monetising through energy, capacity and ancillary service markets;
  • Managing transmission systems, including system balancing and locational issues;
  • Licensing in Saudi Arabia, Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and managing regulatory change;
  • Power trading, including market types contract design, forecasting, hedging; and
  • Credit, liquidity, market and operational risk management, and risk governance, appetite and capital.
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