Megavind is a strategic partnership of Danish wind industry leaders.

ESP Consulting worked with Megavind on modelling topics.

Further information on this project is available below.

Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) Model

Our client, Megavind, is a strategic partnership of Danish wind industry leaders, aimed at continuation and consolidation of the stronghold of the Danish wind industry. ESP Consulting built an LCoE model, providing Megavind with a robust tool for:

  • Consistent calculation and tracking of the cost of energy from offshore wind power;
  • Dialogue across the wind industry;
  • Cost comparison of offshore wind parks;
  • Long term benchmarking of progress towards its target of 50% cost reduction for offshore wind over a 10 year period; and
  • Identifying the main cost drivers and potential for future LCoE reductions.

The LCoE model was made publicly available and presented at the EWEA Offshore Conference. See

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