SE Blue Renewables (SEBR) is the largest on-shore wind power producer in Denmark.

ESP Consulting worked with SEBR on topics of energy trading and risk management.

Further information on this project is available below.

Energy Trading and Risk Management setup for Wind Portfolio

SE Blue Renewables (SEBR) had invested in the largest onshore wind portfolio in Denmark, with an exposure to the Nordic power market. ESP Consulitng supported SEBR in the development and implementation of a risk policy and governance structure, which involved:

  • Leading and facilitating definition of the company‚Äôs risk appetite;
  • Development of a risk framework and risk policy for the wind portfolio;
  • Implementation of a governance structure with clearly defined responsibilities and segregation of duties, including organisational risk structure; and
  • Compliance monitoring.

We also assisted the wind department in developing and implementing a complete setup for trading of wind exposures in the power and certificate markets, including:

  • Development of a methodology and model for calculation of long term exposures for the wind portfolio
  • Development and implementation of a deal capture system for power
  • Defining key processes for trading, portfolio management, middle office and back office
  • Set up of external counterparties for trading wind exposures
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