ESP Consulting provided services to an independent energy business, and large UK high street retailer. These services covered topics of business and financial assurance.

Further information on this project is available below.

Business Assurance and Controls

ESP Consulting worked with a large independent energy business in the UK that has grown significantly over the past year and has aspirations to grow further in the future. We were engaged to advise the energy business and finance function in its continued expansion and to provide guidance on industry best practice around the financial and regulatory control environment of the retail energy market. Specifically, we:

  • Conducted a full review of finance processes within the energy business;
  • Reviewed the energy purchasing arrangements and trading risk management, processes and associated controls;
  • Made recommendations for enhancements and developments in the financial control environment of the energy business in line with best practice;
  • Outlined current and future regulatory requirements of the energy business and their impact on future growth aspirations and well as from a financial and operational perspective; and
  • Make recommendations for processes and controls to be development and embedded within the Energy business to comply with regulatory requirements.
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