Energy Transition and Renewables

The energy economy is changing quickly. This transformation is driven by the decarbonisation of the electricity industry, by advances in technology such as electric vehicles and energy storage, and by new information technologies such as the blockchain and “big data”. ESP Consulting supports both small and large entities to adapt to these changes whatever their position in the value chain, including investors and developers, asset owners, utilities and suppliers, traders, aggregators, and grid operators. Our services extend from assistance in optimising commercial business operations, to support in navigating the complex and evolving regulatory environment governing renewable generation, supply to consumers, and wholesale trading.

Commercial Evaluation and Exploitation

  • Asset valuation for energy storage and renewable generation;
  • Project development including preparation of the business case, risk analysis, and governance of the investment decision; and
  • Business strategy, target setting, and performance management.


  • Analysis of the regulatory environment and guidance to navigate policy and complexity of the requirements;
  • Understanding of grid codes, licence requirements, balancing market rules, exchange rules, reporting obligations, and applicable financial regulation; and
  • Interactions with industry bodies, including lobbying policy makers and working with trade organisations.

Data and Analytics

  • Model calibration and training for forecasting (generation, load, system balance, wholesale price) and optimisation (storage, demand response);
  • Data capture (supplier subscriptions, SCADA, internal data), database architecture, and data analysis including visualisation and machine learning;
  • Automated agents for peer-to-peer trading, connected homes and internet of things; and
  • Requirements definition, vendor scan, product selection, and implementation support.

Trading and Commercial Optimisation

  • Trading strategy and trading analytics for renewable generation and storage in the balancing, day-ahead, and forwards markets;
  • PPAs for power and certificate offtake;
  • Long-term hedging strategy considering credit risk and collateral requirements;
  • Set-up of trade execution processes including governance and control environment; and
  • Support for registrations and negotiation of agreements.

Efficient Operation

  • Real-time monitoring of assets such as renewable generation, storages, and EV charging;
  • Transaction booking including distributed ledger technologies, e.g. blockchain;
  • Design and optimisation of all business processes including analysis, trade execution, invoicing, and monitoring;
  • Settlement of PPAs, market trades, balancing charges, and peer community members; and
  • Measurement of KPIs, dashboards and management information, and financial and risk reporting.
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