Wind and Other Renewables

We have extensive experience in the commercial evaluation and exploitation of renewables, with a significant focus on offshore and onshore wind farms. This experience has been built up both as consultants and as managers with leading companies throughout the value chain including suppliers, utilities and customers. Our responsibility has covered all aspects of developing a wind portfolio. Notably, this includes

  • Successfully navigating the complex regulatory environment that has evolved to govern the development, construction, operation and trading of wind farms
  • Managing projects through the development and construction phases
  • Trading of the Output of wind farms
  • Business unit strategy, target setting and performance management
  • The sale / acquisition and post merger integration of existing wind farms
  • Designing and refining the operating models to ensure efficient and profitable operations

Complex Regulatory Environments

  • Planning and guidance to navigate regulatory hurdles
  • Preparation of regulatory submissions
  • Development of contractual framework for large-scale low carbon generation in the UK

Development and construction

  • Investment decision process and governance
  • Modeling and complex analysis including DCF valuation, cost and performance measure benchmarking, Cost of Energy analysis, transaction multiple analysis, budgeting, impairment tests
  • Pipeline management including project prioritization
  • Contract (supplier, installation and PPAs) commercial review
  • Establishment of project organization, reporting and related structures
  • Expert review of project progress
  • Expert challenge of project contractors


  • Power and Certificate Sales and Trading
  • Long term exposure management of wind and other fuel to power exposures

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Partnership strategy and execution
  • Marketing existing wind farms to potential owners
  • Preparation of data rooms for the sale of assets
  • Asset valuation, transaction cost benchmarking and commercial due diligence
  • Post Merger Integration transition planning and implementation

Efficient Operating Models

  • Supply chain management to efficiently service an offshore wind fleet
  • Advice on asset management to maintain the performance of wind assets at optimal cost
  • Design and implementation of performance management metrics and associated processes
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