Networks Regulation

We have extensive knowledge and experience in managing and delivering successful price control negotiations under RIIO and RPI-X, as well as creating business and regulatory strategies to achieve value for both company and customers. We are also highly experienced in developing and implementing competition in retail, wholesale, metering and connections as well as having extensive knowledge of regulatory policy best practice across the UK Utility sectors and globally.

Price Control Negotiation & Tariff Setting

  • Project management ensuring stakeholders are kept informed, issues prioritised and deadlines achieved.
  • Preparation or critique of robust and compelling business and capital plans.
  • Stakeholder and shareholder engagement to ensure outcomes are well understood and delivered.
  • Use of sound economic theory to create incentives.
  • Benchmarking and process efficiency reviews to determine efficient opex and capex costs.
  • Creation and Management of financial modelling to set allowed revenues and expected returns.
  • Design and develop regulatory reporting and cost frameworks.
  • Design of tariff structures including supporting marginal cost studies.
  • Extensive knowledge of regulatory best practice globally and across different utilities.

Business and Regulatory Strategy

  • Support management in the development of a company‚Äôs strategic goals and priorities.
  • Develop and track business outputs and supporting primary and secondary key indicators.
  • Influence regulatory policy to ensure value is retained and the right behaviours are incentivised and rewarded.
  • Use best practice and benchmarking to drive business improvement and deliver value for the company and its customers.
  • Advice on the restructuring of monopoly infrastructure businesses either to realise efficiency gains through consolidation or to support divestment.

Delivering Competition

  • Analysis and design of vertical and horizontal separation to facilitate competition.
  • Influence of policy to ensure effective competition whilst achieving shareholder value.
  • Implementation of business separation and reporting.
  • Deliver the legal and monitoring frameworks to ensure compliance.
  • Manage regulatory investigations to a satisfactory outcome.
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