Mike Lane

Mike Lane

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Mike Lane is a senior energy specialist with more than 20 years' experience in advising governments and leading utilities on sector reform, regulation, pricing and transactions. During the early part of his consulting career, he focussed predominantly on electricity sector reform and regulation often aimed at private sector participation. Subsequently, as electricity markets have liberalised, he has focussed more on transaction-related advice. Mike combines strong commercial skills with deep technical knowledge. He has extensive international experience having worked on energy issues in 30 countries across all continents. Prior to his consulting career, Mike worked as a professional engineer in the UK electricity industry for nine years.

Sector expertise

Sector and Market Reform

Mike has advised governments on many major power sector reform projects, initially in the UK and subsequently in countries as diverse as Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Oman, Portugal and South Africa. These assignments covered a wide range of issues including design of market structures and institutions, development of contracts and transfer prices among new institutions, and projections of financial performance.

Regulation and Pricing

Mike's experience spans the full range of activities from the initial development of regulatory frameworks, institutions and documentation, to subsequent regulatory reviews. This includes design of regulatory frameworks including primary and secondary legislation, development of regulatory institutions, development of incentive regimes and responses to regulatory consultations. Mike has designed end user tariffs, use of system charges and ancillary service charges for a variety of regulated utilities. His core areas of expertise include the design of tariff structures, conducting efficiency reviews, development of financial projections and financial impact analysis.


Mike has advised governments and private sector clients on several major utility transactions. His key areas of expertise include buy and sell side advice on commercial and regulatory issues. His experience includes the development of tender documents, valuation, bid evaluation and tender negotiation.