Egil Nybakk

Egil Nybakk

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Egil is an executive management consultant and associate partner of ESP Consulting Nordic, with 18 years’ experience from the oil and gas industry, mainly with DONG Energy (now Ørsted). He was central in the establishment and development of the productions department and the project unit in the oil and gas division of DONG. He possessed various manager and leadership roles, and led strategically important projects and processes. He was for responsible for the rescue of the Siri platform, which was found to be in risk of total structural collapse. He was also responsible for the design and construction of the Hejre platform, a megaproject in the value of several billion Danish kroner. Besides being an extensively experienced Project and Portfolio Director, Egil has great experience with contract and legal work, M&A activities, lean and performance improvements, and business and strategy development.

Sector expertise

Business and Strategy Development, Portfolio and Project Model
Egil has through his roles as responsible for the corporate Engineering unit been key in the development of the E&P strategy and the business governance model. He was responsible for development of an asset and portfolio system to manage various assets and hundreds of small, medium, and large sized projects. Egil was also a key person in the development of the Project Model, making sure that projects were executed effectively. In this capacity he took the leadership of the portfolios and had a key role in steering groups and managing boards.

Project Management
Egil has as project manager or project director headed several different projects, from small to huge megaprojects, from construction projects to organisational improvement projects.

Establish New Business Units and M&A
Egil was one of two employees establishing the production department in DONG, which culminated by the acquisition of a producing platform from Statoil. This led DONG to become an operator of its own, and not only an investor. Egil possesses commercial, technical, and administrational skills to ensure a smooth transition to become an oil and gas operator, as well as develop a business unit in an already established company. Data room, due diligence, strategic fit considerations, negotiations, and post-M&A activities have all been core to Egil’s responsibilities.

Contracts and Legal
Egil has been responsible for establishment of several various contracts as for design, procurement, construction, modification, and maintenance of offshore installations, as well as service contracts ranging from logistics to IT. He has also extensive experience with mediation and arbitration and has been used as a key witness in the Maritime and Commercial High Court.

Cultural Intelligence – Safety and Performance
Egil has worked in Norway, UK, France, Holland, South Korea, and offshore, where he has gained valuable experience on the importance of cultural intelligence, both with regards to adapting to a culture as well as building a proper safety culture and a high performance culture.