Andrew Chattrabhuti

Andrew Chattrabhuti

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With 20 years’ experience in energy sector consulting, Andrew has advised many leading European utilities on energy trading and risk management. He has also advised Government and Regulators on utility market reform and regulation in around a dozen countries.
Prior to establishing ESP Consulting, he worked as an energy consultant with PA Consulting, PwC Consulting and Deloitte Consulting.

Sector expertise

Trading & Risk Management

Andrew has advised numerous leading UK and Western European utilities, and global oil majors on trading and risk management issues. His key areas of expertise include:

  • Development of trading and hedging strategies.
  • Development of risk management policies and procedures.
  • Functional specification and development of market and credit risk models, including earnings and cashflow-at-risk models.
  • Development and valuation of new contract structures.

Business Model & Organisation

  • Played a significant role in the re-organisation of two major European energy trading companies.
  • Undertaken strategy reviews for the energy trading divisions of two leading UK utilities.
  • Managed all aspects of projects to assist new energy trading start-up ventures.

Strategy/Transaction Support

  • Advised potential investors in UK and Irish power market on their market entry strategy, wholesale and retail market arrangements, market price forecasts and valuation of assets.

Regulation & Market Reform

Andrew has worked on numerous aspects of power and gas market regulation and market reform over a 15 year period. His key experience includes:

  • Tariffs and price regulation: Undertaken tariff studies to set marginal cost based tariffs for all parts of the electricity value chain (wholesale prices, bulk supply tariffs, transmission use of system charges, distribution use of system charges and retail tariffs).
  • Wholesale market reform: Advised governments and market participants on the design of wholesale market arrangements (e.g. Pool Rules) and regulated contracts.
  • Regulatory policy: Recently spent 8 months on secondment at Ofgem in the Distribution directorate, with, at various times, taking responsibility for gas distribution policy, independent networks and connections.