Alistair Green

Alistair Green



Alistair Green, a Director of ESP Consulting UK, has over 20 years’ experience of strategy, regulation and performance improvement in de-regulated power markets – both in industry and as a consultant.   Alistair is typically analytical in approach – driving insight and objective decision making in a way that supports stakeholder alignment and improves performance. Alistair joined ESP Consulting from Capgemini Consulting where he led power sector consulting in the UK, as well as having global leadership for energy trading and network regulation; this follows 10 years with PwC Consulting, advising on market reform, regulation, strategy and energy trading.   Alistair joined the UK power sector at privatisation, working for PowerGen and then the RECs to negotiate the shape of on-going developments to the wholesale electricity market.

Sector expertise

Energy Trading & Risk Management

Alistair has advised a number of major UK and European utilities on trading and risk management.  This includes:

  •  Analytical insight to inform bidding and trading strategies – including work that lifted a UK power company from the least profitable to most profitable company in prompt electricity market
  • Carbon Trading Strategy – advising companies on their optimum trading strategies under the European Emission Trading Scheme, including how best to use the Kyoto flexibility mechanisms (the Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation);
  •  Operational Systems and Processes – advising companies on the organisation of their trading operations to drive efficiency and effectiveness whilst managing the risk of fraud.

Business Model & Organisation

Alistair has led work to design and implement operating models for utility companies. This includes the design and implementation of a new retail business for a European power company, as well as advice on the operating model for a UK Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

Regulation and Market Reform

Alistair has significant experience in both market reform and regulation. Before becoming a consultant, Alistair worked for the UK power sector where he was appointed to lead the negotiation of several significant developments to the Electricity Pool, as well as acting as Market Operations Director for the 12 Regional Electricity Companies of England and Wales. As a consultant, he has had a leading role in sector restructuring and wholesale market design in the UK and worldwide. Alistair has significant experience of networks regulation, and acted as lead advisor to one of the UK Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) through the 5th Distribution Price Control (DPCR5) as well as the introduction of RIIO.

Market Entry

Alistair has advised a number of companies on market entry. This includes advice to existing utilities looking to diversify, as well as to new entrants to power markets. In each case, Alistair works with clients through an objective and structured approach to identify what they need to succeed in that market and the reward they can expect from successful entry. He has gone onto support those companies in developing the capabilities they need for success.

IT Programmes and Transformation

Where Alistair’s strategy work leads to a transformation or IT programme, he typically retains an on-going role to ensure business needs are met. In carrying out this role, Alistair has additionally taken the lead in a number of programme areas including:

  • Benefits realisation: Developing a clear framework for how the changes give rise to benefits. This both focuses the project, and allows tracking of the delivery of benefits;
  • IT Specifications: Developing a clear specification of what IT systems need to do, and ensuring this understood by those who will develop the systems;
  • Programme Management: Supporting the programme management through overall programme health checks, as well as a specific focus on the management of project risks, and ensuring alignment with business benefits.