Claus Hartmann

Claus Hartmann



Claus Hartmann is a senior energy specialist and CEO of ESP Consulting Nordic. Claus has over 25 years’ experience in the oil, gas and power sectors, principally in energy trading, risk management and regulation. He has led the development and set-up of new large scale trading operations and managed middle office and risk management functions. He brings years of experience in business development and strategy and has had leadership roles in several merger and acquisition processes. Claus also brings in-depth expertise in complex commercial contract negotiations with both national and international counterparties as well as in managing and negotiating conditions with regulatory bodies.

Before joining ESP-consulting he was a Vice President in DONG Energy, a Chief Risk Officer in ATP (the fifth biggest pension fund in Europe) and worked as an independent advisor.

Sector expertise

Trading and risk management

As a vice president in DONG Energy, Claus was responsible for the company’s consolidated market risk management. This included:

  • Establishing and developing the trading floor;
  • Establishing and managing the middle office;
  • Designing and implementing DONG Energy's risk policy;
  • Developing and implementing models to support risk quantification and assessment; and
  • Responsibility for risk reporting (EOD reports,monthly management risk reporting)

Claus was also the CRO in the largest Danish pension fund, and has advised energy and shipping companies in setting up appropriate risk management system.

Business model and strategy

Claus was responsible for setting up the new business model and the risk management framework, when six major Danish energy companies where merged in 2006. Prior to the merger, he led the development and implementation of the business model for the Trading and Supply division following the unbundling of DONG and the liberalization of the gas market. Claus has for several years been responsible for the strategy process and financial forecasting.


Claus was responsible for Regulatory Affairs in DONG Energy's wind power divison, the world's leading offshore wind developer. Earlier, he also established DONG energy’s department for regulatory issues during the liberalization of the energy market. This task included:

  • Lobbying for framework conditions for offshore wind in Northwest Europe and Developing Danish and European stakeholder relations;
  • Reporting and strategic advice on the development for renewable energy;
  • Membership of the board in Danish windmill industry (EWEA);
  • Chairman of the wind committee in Danish Energy association;
  • Defining the new business units, overall business model and the capital structure for the company following unbundling; and
  • Setting up the price structure for new infrastructure services, and negotiating these with the Danish regulatory authorities.